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When the sky falls, use it as a blanket.

In “Respite”, you play as a white collar worker who is overworked and experiencing fatigue and stress. As he re-explores his apartment and reminisces about past experiences, he’s reminded of the importance of  family, friends, and respite.

- Controls -

Left Mouse: Select and interact with objects & doors

Right Mouse (While in Inspection mode): Move & rotate objects


Game & Visual Designer: Klaiis

Programmer: Luxiere

Music: Mr. Serpent & Toby Fox "Quiet Waters"


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Respite_v1.4.zip 78 MB
Respite_v1.4.app.zip 78 MB


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Really awesome style with the 3D and pixel art combo. Would've loved to have known what the argument was about, maybe I missed something? Not super important though. Is this set in the year 2060+ or am I just imagining lol? Wish I had a bedroom as cozy. Thanks!


!! Spoilers !!

The argument was about the main character’s rude and stressed behavior due to burnout and over-working. The MC denies that they’ve been having problems and avoids the confrontation from his roommates which ends in a fight. What they exactly fought about? It’s not really written into the game so you didn’t miss anything regarding that.

Thanks for playing and sharing your play through!


Amazing artwork, good story behind it and I really enjoyed this short game <3

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it


I really appreciated the attention to detail, the pretty color palette and beautiful artwork. Great little game!

Thanks for playing! Im glad you enjoyed it c:


i loved this so much!

Im glad you enjoyed it! Ty!


So chill and soothing, real nice!


Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it!


Beautifull, just beautifull, an awesome experience. Thank you so much for this.Hope you ever do something longer. Cheers

Thank you so much for playing! Im so glad that you enjoyed it and I definitely have plans to do more!


hey this is a lovely game, but it is suppose to close itself? at the end

(1 edit)

!!! Spoilers ahead!! . . . Yes! If you decided to stay, it’s suppose to close itself to represent taking a break. If you decided to go, the game would restart with the cut scene to represent repeating the cycle of stress and burnout.

A bit metaphorical and not the cleanest ending but since it was a school project I had to rush to get it down.

Thanks for asking!



Thanks!! I got it done under a month so i’m super happy about it. Thanks for playing!


A super, super sweet game. I love the art style, music, and story so much.You did an amazing job, and I loved every second of it.

I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you!


May i recorded the game for my friend?

because he can't understand english

Go ahead!


Amazing visuals, fantastic art, super interesting psychological theme, loved this game


I’m glad you enjoyed it!


nice my friend i love this


thank you! c:


Loved it! The art is really well done! 


Thank you so much!!