Here is where a heavy heart asks for rest.

Jackie Huang learns more about the clients that carry a heavy past who frequent the shop for a little sleep therapy. This 4-month project that serves as both a visual development and motion graphic school project invites you into the mysterious yet magical world of Dr. Feng’s apothecary.


Game & Visual Designer: Kayden Chan
Audio Designer: Antoine Boucherikha
Programmer: Luxiere

Press kit


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gorgeous game design and unique concept!! i loved reading the storyboarded emotional stories :)


This game is sweet. The ending I didn't see coming! Bravo!

I cant figured out how to open the game, it freezes in the unity loading screen. I arleady reinstall it. Hope it will get fixed soon )

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Hi! I think the game should be played directly in the browser on mac or pc (no phone or tablet) and I'm pretty sure Safari won't open it  😤


this was a really cool game! :)

Glad you like it!


Everything about this was beautiful, and the audio really tied it together. Well done to all who took part!


thank you!


this game is visually captivating. beautiful story and beautiful artwork. loved it. 

I’m glad you enjoyed it :)


wow!!! i love the atmosphere and the art so much!! this feels mysterious, melancholic and subtly nostalgic in all the right ways... great work!!!!!


Thank you so muchh!